Free to be me!

Free to be me! is the name of the program I am developing especially to help anyone whose gender identity or sexual orientation has caused them issues in feeling they can be totally themselves in society.

You may consider yourself gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, asexual, gender queer, intersex, a cross dresser, or any other term that best fits how you feel about yourself. At the heart of it, you are simply you.

Free to be me! is being designed to help you to let go of anything that is preventing you from feeling free to be yourself.

Why I am developing Free to be me!

About 6 years ago, one of my very best friends plucked up the courage to tell me that he was not the straight heterosexual he portrayed himself to be. It had taken him years to do this because of the risk, as he saw it, of losing my friendship. I was shocked by how very difficult this was for him: upset when he described how he had to censor every word that came out of his mouth in company, for fear of letting his ‘secret’ out: and incredibly moved by his revelations of how he felt about himself, having been told at a very young age that boys did not think or behave in the way he naturally wanted to.

We have worked together to help him to let go of the guilt he has been made to feel; to accept that him being himself is perfectly alright; to build up his self confidence; and to help him to feel comfortable in his own skin. He is on a journey, as we all are, to discover how he wants to live his life from now and who he wants to be, and he says that my help has been invaluable to him on this journey.

Here are a few words from him about our work together:

“Helen is amazing!  She’s completely unflappable, non-judgemental, has great empathy, never gets fazed by anything I say and has a wicked sense of humour. She has the uncanny ability to apparently understand my issues better than I do and, more importantly, to help me sort them out in a way that is sensitive, often relaxing and sometimes even fun.  She uses a lot of different techniques and I always feel that she’s working really hard to help me.  Helen has helped me tremendously over the time I’ve seen her and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

Free to be me!

Society has changed so much already, but still has a long way to go before everyone is accepted just the way they are. Those people who are now middle aged or beyond, who grew up in a very different time where to be different was rarely accepted, may find that old wrongly held beliefs and values are preventing them from fully enjoying the new freedoms that our more accepting society has made possible. Is this you?

One way that I can help is to enable you to let go of those things that are holding you back. Imagine the you you would now be if you had grown up fully accepted just the way you are? What if you could let go of any guilt you might have been made to feel? Able to feel perfectly at ease with the way you are? To fully believe that you are just as good as anyone else? I can help you to do this, and it may be much quicker and easier than you might imagine.

Obviously, I don’t just help the middle aged! Even now it can be incredibly difficult for individuals to come to terms with the fact that how they feel doesn’t fit the ‘norm’ and to reveal this to friends, family and the world in general.

I am not an expert in LGBTQ+ matters. I am an expert in helping individuals to make the best possible future for themselves by letting go of anything that is holding them back, and by using their positive strengths to create that future they desire. I don’t care about labels, I care about people.

As my friend says, everyone should be able to feel comfortable being in their own skin.

I am still developing the program, and would like some clients who are willing to assist me with this. In return for providing feedback I am willing to offer a substantial discount off the price of individual sessions. Please contact me for more details if you are interested.

Whilst the program is being refined, and until is it sufficiently developed to market as a single package, then I can obviously still offer totally individual help with this under my normal session terms.

Please contact me to discuss how I can help you have the future that you have always deserved.